Why My Hot, Flirty Boss Suddenly Stopped Talking to Me: Part 1

After my last con­ver­sa­tion with Bran­don, the older man I had devel­oped a crush on at work, it was as if some­thing changed in his per­cep­tion of me. And could I really blame him? He caught me read­ing a naughty book at work and when I fessed up to it, it totally freaked him out. Sure, I knew I prob­a­bly made him uncom­fort­able about my inter­est in read­ing erot­ica, but it wasn’t as if I admit­ted to being a strip­per or anything.

No longer did he come to my desk at the front and make idle small talk with me about school. In fact, he acted as if I didn’t exist. Was it really so bad that he had caught me reading—technically pre­tend­ing to be reading—a book that was bor­der­ing on the line of porno­graphic? Or was he uneasy about the fact that I was read­ily will­ing to admit my inter­est in some­thing so naughty?

I had tried my best to come off as the quiet, intel­li­gent young woman that I knew I was. But being very sex­ual was some­thing that I hid on the inside—I didn’t exactly feel like that was really me until it came out. Bran­don seemed to have an entirely dif­fer­ent view of me and so it was no won­der that he, being a devout Chris­t­ian, avoided me like I was temp­ta­tion from Satan him­self. Nonethe­less, I knew he would even­tu­ally talk to me, and I would make sure of that.

The month of July came and went, and so did my birth­day. I cel­e­brated it with my close fam­ily, but didn’t exactly make a big deal of it. I had just turned 20, and leav­ing behind my teenage years, it felt as though I had lived through so much in just a year. And before I knew it, it was August and I was back in school going through another semes­ter of full-time classes. I had got­ten over my ex and my feel­ings for Bran­don were only get­ting stronger.

I had enter­tained the idea that I was just exhibit­ing a crush, much like a love-struck teenager. He was in a way for­bid­den and only within my reach in my dreams. Even though Bran­don had been avoid­ing me like the plague, there were times that I had caught him off guard and those were times that I replayed in my head.

Regard­less of the fact that he was short with me and ready to go about his own busi­ness, there was still a play­ful side to our short con­ver­sa­tions, even though it wasn’t any­where near how he had been before my big con­fes­sion. I had a sar­cas­tic wit and he had an inno­cent, but comedic per­son­al­ity that fit per­fectly with mine. I was sure that what Bran­don and I had was some form of chemistry.

Long before the book inci­dent, he was always ready to talk about his life expe­ri­ences. Bran­don had had a rough life, which was hard to fathom, because this was the same man who greeted every­one with a big, warm­hearted smile. And it was then that I knew I was really falling for him. A rebound from my ex or not, this man was get­ting under my skin and mak­ing my heart beat ten times faster than normal.

Now why the heck couldn’t he look at me? Lit­tle did I know what was really going on in that head of his…

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About Lena

I’d always dreamed of the perfect fairytale prince in storybooks—ready with money and status to come save me from my chaotic, average life and treat me like his princess. Add a 26-year age difference and I found the closest thing to it. Not everything comes as easy as we expect it to, but that’s what makes it all the more fun. At 18 years old, I experienced that “Mr. Right Now” love with a guy my age named Jared. Two years later, I met Brandon, my older man. Jared was the typical playboy who romanced my naïve younger self and made me fall hard for him. That relationship caused me to view love in an entirely different way than I previously had, and I’m actually glad it did. By the time I met Brandon, I had become wiser and more prepared for the reality of relationships. Even though at 20 years old I didn’t show the tell-tale signs of a smart, mature woman, that was exactly what I had become. I started as a part-time secretary for a highly respectable office, while juggling a full-time load of college courses at the local university. It was my first official job where I had to wear heels, pencil skirts, and an occasional suit. I was no longer the high-school girl that found “true love” after graduation and had her heart broken immediately after. The new woman I was now was confident and smart, and when I saw Brandon walk through the lobby door, I knew he’d be a challenge, one I was ready to accept. Now at 22, and Brandon at 48, we’ve managed to keep a two -year relationship feeling like the very first day we met—all the excitement and butterflies are still very much present.