Why My Husband Made Incredible Love to Me After I Told Him I’d Spent the Night with My Rich Ex-Lover

When I got home from Derrick’s place, my hus­band, Robert, was wait­ing for me in bed. He was watch­ing TV and, although I did not smell any­thing like Der­rick, I jumped in the shower—partly just to spite Robert. I still had not for­got­ten the com­ments he made before I left. I walked out of the shower stark naked. My body was firmer than it had been in months—the stress from our mar­riage only strength­ened my rela­tion­ship with the gym. I was doing yoga and Pilates twice a day, every day. I inten­tion­ally walked in front of Robert’s view. I was feel­ing frisky and it was all thanks to Der­rick, my old lover. I bent over to grab my clothes and felt Robert behind me.

How was your night with the girls?” he asked as he grabbed me by the waist.

My time with him was fab­u­lous.” I turned around with a smile on my face and kissed him pas­sion­ately. I couldn’t believe that I had just said that. He would think I was kid­ding, but to actu­ally be seri­ous made me feel kind of naught. That night, I released all the desire I had for my ex-lover on my hus­band. I made love to him with a pas­sion that could only arise from lust—little did he know that it was lust for another man.

I love when you go out with the girls,” said Robert, before we had sex again and I fell asleep in his arms, all the while think­ing of Derrick.

My rela­tion­ship with Robert even­tu­ally sta­bi­lized. We went through moments of heaven and then moments of hell. I was over the roller coaster of our mar­riage, but was still com­pletely invested in him. Although I had con­tact with Der­rick on a daily basis, I had not offi­cially cheated on my hus­band, at least not phys­i­cally. Emo­tion­ally, how­ever, was a whole other story. Not only did Der­rick and I rem­i­nisce about the past, but we also spoke about things we wanted to do to each other. We spoke about all the rea­sons why we should be together and all the rea­sons why we couldn’t be. We had both signed a prenup and had a lot to lose if we stepped out of the mar­riage. For a while, we con­tem­plated whether or not cheat­ing on our spouse would be worth the finan­cial loss. But in the end, we both con­cluded that we weren’t ready for an affair yet. In the mean­time, flirt­ing would have to sup­press the hunger we had for each other.

As the weeks passed, our antic­i­pa­tion was grow­ing more and more intense. Both Der­rick and I wanted to take our rela­tion­ship fur­ther, but were con­flicted for dif­fer­ent rea­sons. One night, we decided that we could no longer go with­out see­ing each other, so we decided to go out for din­ner.  Unfor­tu­nately, his wife called and said that she was leav­ing work early and wanted to have an early din­ner with him. Der­rick said he didn’t care, that he needed to see me, even if it was from afar.

We planned to meet at the restau­rant, both with our own spouses, just to catch a glimpse of each other. My hus­band was excited to go out to din­ner and I could not help but feel a lit­tle bit of guilt. I made sure to wear a sexy red dress—red was Derrick’s favorite color on me.

I’m so lucky to have you. You are so beau­ti­ful.” Robert grabbed my waist and we walked down­stairs. Before he opened the front door, he caressed my face and kissed me. The entire time, I won­dered if Der­rick would like my new dress.