Why My Husband Was So Proud of the Diamond Ring I Got From My Sugar Daddy

My affair with my older ex-lover, Der­rick, was in full effect. We saw each other at least three times a week. It wasn’t always for sex—oftentimes we just went to din­ner or a movie. We enjoyed each other’s com­pany and he show­ered me with lav­ish gifts—mostly clothes, hand­bags, and jew­elry. At first, my hus­band, Robert, was obliv­i­ous to my new “things,” but even­tu­ally he caught on and started ask­ing ques­tions. He won­dered where I was get­ting the extra money to buy every­thing. Most of the time, I just told him that it was an old item that I hadn’t worn in years, or old purses that had never been used. Some­times, I would lie and say that there was a great sale.

I had made a point to start car­ry­ing cash on me so that I would not leave any traces when I left the city. The one thing I never showed my hus­band was the black dia­mond ring that Der­rick had given me. I was wait­ing for the right moment to tell the right story, so that I could wear it more often. One evening, I was at the mall and I called Robert. I told him that there was a beau­ti­ful ring that I was com­pletely in love with. He asked how much it was, and I said it was only a few hun­dred. I said that I had got­ten a small bonus from work and that I wanted to use that money to buy the ring for myself. He encour­aged me to get it and said that he just wanted me to be happy.

When I got home, I was wear­ing my wed­ding ring on my left hand and my promise ring on my right ring fin­ger. Robert, my hus­band, could not stop talk­ing about how stun­ning the ring was.  He was amazed at how much it looked like a diamond—because of the size of the ring, I could not tell him that it was real; I could have never afforded a real dia­mond ring. Robert said it was beau­ti­ful and that he loved how it made me smile. I felt a lit­tle guilty wear­ing both rings at the same time, but the ring Der­rick had given me was too beau­ti­ful not to wear. It was a reminder to me that I needed to be care­ful about my actions. I needed to make sure I didn’t get caught.

One night after I got home from see­ing Der­rick, I noticed that my hus­band was still awake. I walked through the door and he imme­di­ately called my name. I could tell that there was a sense of anger in his tone. It was past 2 o’clock in the morn­ing, so I assumed he was upset that I was get­ting home so late. I ignored his call and rushed into the shower—I smelled like Derrick’s cologne. I made sure I brought my clothes in the bath­room with me so that I could fig­ure out how to get the smell out of them. Usu­ally, I would get home and my hus­band would already be asleep, so before hop­ping into bed I would take a quick shower and put my clothes in the washer.

As I show­ered, I heard Robert scream­ing my name; his voice started get­ting closer and closer. When he knocked on the bath­room door, I told him I need to shower and he screamed at me to open the door right away. When I refused, he broke down the door and pulled open the shower door. Imme­di­ately, I felt weak in the knees. In Robert’s hand was a Givenchy dress with the tag still on—the dress was worth over a thou­sand dol­lars. To make mat­ters worse, there was a card attached to the dress that read: “To my one and only. Reunited and it feels so good. Yours always, Derrick.”

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    Sounds like a phony pub­lic­ity story by this gal to this reader.

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