Why My Sugar Daddy Made Me Share Our Beach Vacation with Two Other Ladies—and Why I Didn’t Mind

may_december_relationships_august10_13After the fiasco at work with HR find­ing out about our office romance, and every­thing else that had hap­pened recently with my divorce set­tle­ment, I was in des­per­ate need of a break. My girls were so excited to go to the beach for the first time, and I was finally ready to look past every­thing that had hap­pened. I was ready to finally move for­ward with Mr. Brown.

Mr. Brown called me on the morn­ing of our flight and asked if we were all packed. I told him we were all ready to go. He said the limo would be there to pick us up at 2 o’clock sharp, and that it would drop us off at the mall. “Why the mall?” I asked.

Because no vaca­tion would be com­plete with­out new bathing suits, beach tow­els, and clothes,” he said. He also asked me to pick out a few casual out­fits for him, since he would only be bring­ing his suits for the busi­ness por­tion of the trip. He then told me that the limo dri­ver would have his credit card, and to get what­ever we needed. I couldn’t help but smile—Mr. Brown always knew what to do.

I told him I needed to get off the phone so that I could fin­ish get­ting the kids ready before the limo arrived. Before he hung up, he told me that he could not wait to spend time with me and the girls. I was so excited to have a man who wanted to be with me and who didn’t look at my kids like they were a bur­den on our relationship—he treated them like they were his own kids.

A lit­tle while later, I heard the honk of the limo. We each grabbed our bags and headed out­side. My kids could not believe that he actu­ally sent a limo to come and get us—I don’t think I had ever seen them so excited. My old­est daugh­ter looked at me and said, “This trip is going to be so cool!”

We stopped at the mall, picked up all of the essen­tials, plus a few extra good­ies, and then got back in the limo to head to the air­port. When we got there, the dri­ver took all of our stuff out of the trunk and loaded it on to the cart for us. Mr. Brown was wait­ing for us near the door. We all headed inside together to check in and board the plane.

We arrived in a mat­ter of hours, and we were all so excited to get out and start enjoy­ing the vaca­tion. The kids napped on the way from the air­port to our hotel—in another limo, might I add—and now that we were sort of alone, Mr. Brown moved closer to me. He sat right next to me in the limo as he looked me right in the eyes and said, “Amber, I love you.” My heart lit­er­ally melted. He told me that he never expected to find some­one whom he would want to start a fam­ily with. He also said that he always felt like he was des­tined to sleep around because he and his wife never really got along. But then I came along and changed all that. He wanted to set­tle down and start a family—with me.

We pulled up to the beach house and the kids woke up. Mr. Brown and I offloaded the stuff as they raced inside. We went in and stood on the bal­cony over­look­ing the ocean. He reached into his pocket and turned to look at me. He told me that he knew it was still too early to pro­pose mar­riage, so instead, he handed me a neck­lace box. I opened it, and inside was a beau­ti­ful Neil Lane dia­mond and emer­ald necklace—diamond and emer­ald are my kids’ birth­stones. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe how beau­ti­ful it was. I was so happy—my life felt like it was finally com­ing together. The kids were look­ing out at the ocean and he looked at me and said that he loved my fam­ily, and, maybe one day soon, we could start a fam­ily of our own.

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