Why My Wealthy, Older Boyfriend Is Absolutely Irresistible: Part 2

Before I could get out of the house for my week­end trip with my boss, Mr. Brown—who also hap­pened to my older lover—my hus­band pulled me in for a kiss. It was awk­ward, as it had been quite a while since we had been inti­mate like this, but it was nice. He told me to be safe, and off I went.

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The drive to the air­port was long and boring—until my phone rang. I expected it to be my hus­band look­ing for the dia­pers or a lost shoe, but it was Mr. Brown. He asked for my loca­tion, and then told me to take the exit that came before the air­port. I asked where I was going, but he told me not to worry about it, and that he would text me the coor­di­nates to put into my GPS. I fol­lowed the direc­tions, and 10 min­utes later I pulled into a gravel park­ing lot. I saw the dresses in the win­dow and real­ized that this was one of the best bou­tiques in the area. This shop spe­cial­ized in designer dresses and jew­elry that weren’t avail­able to just anyone.

I got out of my car and walked to the door. When I stepped inside, I could imme­di­ately smell fancy per­fumes and fresh-cut flow­ers. Not only was this a bou­tique, but they also had a small area par­ti­tioned off that looked like a fancy salon or spa. I was so anx­ious that I jumped when some­one came over to greet me. She asked if I was Mr. Brown’s guest, and when I nod­ded, she told me that they would treat me well. I was led to a seat and handed a spa ser­vice list. The prices were well above what I could afford, so when she let on that Mr. Brown had set no limit, I was ecsta­tic. I selected a facial, mas­sage, and body treat­ment. She then informed me that after my spa treat­ment, I was to go to the bou­tique to select a dress for the Gala.

I was pam­pered from head to toe, and I was so relaxed. I strolled into the area where all the dresses were kept, and while nor­mally I would be too dis­tracted chas­ing my chil­dren around a store to really look, today these dresses had my full atten­tion. The lady help­ing me brought out a num­ber of dresses. When she laid them out in front of me, I was imme­di­ately drawn to a red Herve Leger dress, which ended up being form­fit­ting in all the right places. I did a dou­ble take in the mirror—I never thought I would feel as sexy and con­fi­dent now in my 30s as I did when I was in my 20s. The sales asso­ciate picked out a match­ing neck­lace and ear­rings set, along with a pair of cream-colored heels, and then she wrapped it all up. I tipped her gen­er­ously, signed the receipt, and got back in my car.

I needed to be at the air­port in 45 min­utes, but first I wanted to text Mr. Brown to let him know how much I appre­ci­ated his thought­ful­ness. I was at a loss for words. The only thing I could think of tex­ting him was a photo of my del­i­cately laced bra. When his only response was a smile, I knew he was as ready for this week­end as I was.