Why My Wealthy, Older Boyfriend Is Absolutely Irresistible: Part 5

red carpetIt was the night of the Gala, my first out­ing with my boss, Mr. Brown, who was also my older lover. Pulling up in front of the Gala was like pulling up to a Hol­ly­wood movie pre­miere. Every­where I looked there were beau­ti­ful peo­ple in designer dresses and suits. And then when we stepped out of our limo, all eyes were on us; it was an amaz­ing feel­ing to know other peo­ple were appre­ci­at­ing the time and effort that had been spent on my appear­ance that night. Once we had made our way inside, I could tell that Mr. Brown would be chat­ting up a lot of col­leagues, so I told him I was going to grab a drink and then check out the dance floor.

At the bar, I decided to order a glass of cham­pagne to loosen up. As I looked around me, I saw a lot of really young women—so young, in fact, that I felt like I could be their mother. I knew that none of these women were wives—at least not to any man there, but then nei­ther was I. I started refer­ring to these younger women as “bun­nies,” as in play­boy bun­nies. They were gor­geous. One of the bun­nies and I got very chatty, and I dis­cov­ered that not only was she dat­ing a col­league of Mr. Brown’s, but that she and I were in the same rela­tion­ship sit­u­a­tion. After a few more drinks, we decided to dance. The alco­hol was kick­ing in, and the bunny and I started get­ting really friendly on the dance floor. We were danc­ing with each other, try­ing out our sex­i­est moves.

Appar­ently we had caught the eyes of a few males in the room, includ­ing Mr. Brown and the bunny’s older gent. They walked across the busy dance floor to join us and we were both sur­prised at the moves these men had. Time seemed to fly by and we were hav­ing such a blast, but at a cer­tain point we knew the men wanted to go back to the hotel. The bunny and I exchanged con­tact infor­ma­tion so we could keep in touch. She was actu­ally from a town near mine, and so we decided that we would meet up some­time. Mr. Brown and the bunny’s gent both decided that the time to talk busi­ness was over, and the Gala was wind­ing down any­way. The four of us headed out to our respec­tive limos and said our good­byes, mak­ing plans to meet up the fol­low­ing night for din­ner and drinks.

As we got com­fort­able in the limo, Mr. Brown scooted over to sit right next to me. I don’t know if it was the alco­hol or just him being brave, but he ran his fin­gers along my cheek, and told me I looked beau­ti­ful. I could see that his eyes were sincere—and full of lust. And then he kissed me. The kiss made me feel like I was on fire, like I was pos­i­tively alive. I had never been kissed with so much pas­sion before. We were only min­utes away from the hotel, but I didn’t know if I could wait to be with him any longer…