Why My Wealthy, Older Boyfriend Is Absolutely Irresistible: Part 6

stk200690rkeAs soon as we pulled in, we rushed to get out of the limo and prac­ti­cally ran inside. On the ele­va­tor ride up, I removed my shoes and jewelry—I didn’t want any­thing to get ruined, and in my drunken state, walk­ing in those heels was close to impos­si­ble. Mr. Brown—my boss and older date for the evening—got out the hotel key, opened the door, and threw me onto the bed. And then he was right beside me, whis­per­ing in my ear about how much he wanted me. I could not believe what I was about to do. This would def­i­nitely change the dynamic of our relationship.

It was sur­pris­ing that at 55 years old he has an amaz­ing body and is in great shape. I was afraid that the 23-year age dif­fer­ence between us would make things bor­ing, or that he wouldn’t be able to keep up, but his age cer­tainly didn’t get in the way. He took his time, mak­ing sure that I was thor­oughly sat­is­fied, and he had the sta­mina of a 25-year-old—I was exhausted. Never again will I under­es­ti­mate an older man’s love­mak­ing skills.

It was close to 2 a.m. when we fin­ished, and I was tired and hun­gry. He decided to get up and imme­di­ately started putting on his clothes. I thought it was a lit­tle strange, but I also knew that given the cir­cum­stances of our sit­u­a­tion, it was prob­a­bly bet­ter to try and keep a lit­tle bit of emo­tional distance.

I was expect­ing him to just leave, but instead he went into the bath­room and started to run me a bath. He called room ser­vice, ordered me a light snack, and then helped me get into the whirlpool bath­tub. He went over to the cab­i­net and pulled out some fresh tow­els and scented oils for my bath. Once I was all set­tled in the tub, he told me he was going to head back to his room because he had some early morn­ing busi­ness to take care of, but that he had had an amaz­ing night. I agreed with him; this had been one of the best nights of my life.

Before leav­ing, he kissed me again and told me he would see me tomor­row for lunch. Once I was sure that he had left the room, I washed the soap and oil off my body and got out of the bath. I grabbed the robe hang­ing near the tub and went out to sit on the bed, the same bed we had just made love in for the first time. As I looked at the dress and shoes that I’d dis­carded on the floor hours ear­lier, I could not believe the night that I had just shared with Mr. Brown—it was one that I would always remember.

  • JJAbrams

    You’re a scum­bag, and you should never have got­ten mar­ried. Your chil­dren will be the ones that end up suf­fer­ing for this. Remem­ber that while you’re enjoy­ing your designer cloth­ing and drink­ing fancy cham­pagne and sleep­ing with another man.

    • someper­spec­tive­please

      i think this is just sup­posed to be wish-fulfillment erot­ica for work­ing class women. think cin­derella. notice how none of the char­ac­ters in the story have actual per­son­al­i­ties, and they barely say anything …

      • Jay Gohil

        It is mod­elled on Pretty Woman movie.