Why Simon Cowell’s Baby is Ruining This Woman’s Life

Sugar Daddy Simon CowellIt was sur­pris­ing for a lot of us to hear that, at the age of 53, Simon Cow­ell was expect­ing his first child, and with his younger mis­tress, Lau­ren Sil­ver­man, nonethe­less. But there’s one woman who is said to be tak­ing the baby news extra hard: Cowell’s ex-girlfriend, Sinitta.

Sinitta and Cow­ell dated on and off for years, and rumors have been swirling for the past cou­ple weeks that she was once preg­nant with his baby, but had an abor­tion because she knew that he didn’t want kids. In an attempt to set the record straight, Sinitta recently took to Twit­ter, where she posted a series of emo­tional and cryp­tic posts about the abor­tion rumors. Although she didn’t admit to get­ting rid of Cowell’s baby, she didn’t exactly deny it. “Firstly the baby ter­mi­na­tion wasn’t in 2009 @janemooresun, don’t worry about my abil­ity to remem­ber cor­rectly, its some­thing I’ll never for­get [sic],” she wrote.

Sinitta also hinted that she plans on reveal­ing the truth about ter­mi­nat­ing the preg­nancy. “this isn’t the best place (prac­ti­cally) as SO much to say, im going to set a few things straight even though I am afraid of the con­se­quences [sic],” she wrote, fol­lowed by, “I need to pray on this, I need to sleep on this, but I know some­how I need to do this, I’m sorry, but its impor­tant to me [sic].”

Accord­ing to a few insid­ers, Sinitta was report­edly dis­traught after find­ing out that Cow­ell was expect­ing a baby with another woman because she always thought that if he ever set­tled down to have kids and start a fam­ily, it would have been with her. “This isn’t the way Sinitta saw it hap­pen­ing in her head. The news has knocked her com­pletely and she hasn’t been in a good way since she found out,” claimed one source. “Simon always told her he didn’t want chil­dren.” Sinitta’s friends and fam­ily are said to be wor­ried about her, and believe she may be on the verge of a “breakdown.”

Cow­ell is known for stay­ing friends with his old flames—his ex, Mezh­gan Hus­sainy, is still his makeup artist for The X Fac­tor. He’s also main­tained a friendly rela­tion­ship with Sinitta over the years, which Sil­ver­man is now report­edly putting a stop to. A source is claim­ing that Sil­ver­man is demand­ing that Cow­ell keep his dis­tance from Sinitta, and that he’s “going to back the mother of his baby.”

What do you think: Would you be OK with your boyfriend being friends with his ex?


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Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com (Simon Cow­ell), Fea­ture­flash / Shutterstock.com (Sinitta)

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