How I Know Sugar Daddies Give Better Dating Advice Than Best Friends: Part 2

I had been home for a few days since my first travel date with the Greek God, although I’m not even sure you can call it a first date. I was con­stantly check­ing my e-mail for word from the Stet­son man. I was watch­ing my phone pretty much all day. I was a com­plete ner­vous wreck. I could not under­stand how the Stet­son man could just go float­ing down the Rhine River with­out me with­out even check­ing in once. If I had gone off for sev­eral weeks with no way to con­tact him, well I can’t imag­ine the hell I would pay.

I spent all my time on the phone with my girl­friend Tori, dis­cussing the Greek God and curs­ing the Stet­son man. At that point in time, I really didn’t know which man I would have rather been with. Would I even have a chance to be with either? I couldn’t help but think that maybe I should just go find a job. But I knew a job wasn’t going to pay the bills for the lifestyle I had become accus­tomed to—I needed a sugar daddy.

The Stet­son man and I had been through enough drama to last a lifetime—did I want to con­tinue this way? Did I want to be with a man more excit­ing? In my wildest of imag­i­na­tions, I could never have dreamed up a bet­ter life than I had with the Stet­son man.

I had worn Tori out from talking—I could sense she needed a break from all of my drama. But I really didn’t have any­one else to share all this with. Then it hit me—I could reach out to my ex-sugar daddy, the pro ball player friend who had first told me who the Greek God was. I would see what he had to say about my meet­ing the Greek God.

Again, my tim­ing was great. I texted the ball player and he imme­di­ately called—I have always called him Smack, because he tends to talk a lot of non­sense. When Smack called, I think he ini­tially thought, once again, that I was maybe call­ing to tease and flirt with him. When he heard the tone of my voice, his voice imme­di­ately became more seri­ous. I explained that I had met the Greek God in his city and talked about all that we did that first night. I also explained that he hadn’t even tried to kiss me.

Look­ing back, this was prob­a­bly the last thing Smack wanted to hear about. But he was always soft with me, and he had been the one to sug­gest my phon­ing the Greek God in the first place. Smack lis­tened while I explained the whole date. And then he said the words I did not want to hear: “Be care­ful. Do not put your heart into a rela­tion­ship with this man. You’re prob­a­bly not the only woman he’s got on the side. He has plenty of them. Every­one in the sports world knows that.” That was the last thing I wanted to hear.

I was angry with the Stet­son man, with the Greek God, and now with Smack. I argued with Smack for a bit with him sug­gest­ing that the Greek God had so many women. How dare he sug­gest I call this man if he knew all along that that’s what he was like. Smack’s response was that I was just look­ing for revenge. “You got it,” he said. “Now leave it alone.” I hung up feel­ing even worse than before.

Not too long after my con­ver­sa­tion with Smack, I got a mes­sage from the Stet­son man’s sec­re­tary.  He was extend­ing his trip to include a tour of sev­eral coun­tries. I would not see or hear from him for sev­eral more weeks.