Why This Rolling Stone’s Wife Wishes Her Rock Star Sugar Daddy Was Younger

Sugar Daddy Rolling Stone Mick Jag­ger isn’t the only mem­ber of the Rolling Stones who’s dat­ing a much younger woman. (Jag­ger, 70, has been dat­ing 46-year-old designer L’Wren Scott for the past 17 years.) Last year, Jagger’s band­mate, 67-year-old Ron­nie Wood, revealed that he was dat­ing the­ater pro­ducer and long-time friend Sally Humphreys. Despite their 31-year age dif­fer­ence, the celebrity cou­ple got mar­ried in Decem­ber 2012, just six months into their May-December relationship.

Even though there’s an age dif­fer­ence of over three decades between them, Wood recently revealed that their mar­riage is solid. In fact, he says they’re so happy together that even his ex-wife thinks they were made for each other. “Even my ex-wife Jo has said to me, ‘I don’t know why you didn’t get with Sally a long time ago,’” Wood told Hello! mag­a­zine.

While the celebrity cou­ple pays no atten­tion to their age dif­fer­ence, the same thing can’t be said for other people—it’s hard not to notice the obvi­ous. “Once in a while, she gets mis­taken for my daugh­ter,” said Wood, adding that peo­ple who know them per­son­ally have no prob­lem with their large age difference.

Wood’s wife says she doesn’t notice the age dif­fer­ence her­self, but a part of her does wish that her famous hus­band was younger, just so that he can be around longer. Being 30 years older than she is, Humphreys is very much aware that it’s only a mat­ter of time before she goes from wife to widow.

What do you think: Is there such a thing as too much of an age dif­fer­ence when it comes to May-December relationships?


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Photo Credit: Fea­ture­flash / Shutterstock.com