Why We Think Charlie Sheen’s Sugar Baby, Brett Rossi, Will Be the Worst Stepmother

Sugar Daddy Charlie Sheen And Sugar Baby Brett RossiIt’s no sur­prise that Char­lie Sheen has it in for his ex-wife Denise Richards—the two have been going at it for the past few months, and now their two young kids are get­ting caught in the crossfire.

Sheen, 48, has report­edly been skimp­ing out on his child sup­port pay­ments to Richards. He’s sup­posed to be fork­ing over $55,000 a month, but Sheen only paid half that amount in Jan­u­ary and noth­ing for Feb­ru­ary and March. He’s sup­pos­edly plan­ning on tak­ing his ex-wife to court in an effort to dras­ti­cally have the amount of monthly pay­ments cut. On a side note, he also wants to evict his ex-wife from the home he bought for her and their kids a cou­ple years back.

Accord­ing to insid­ers, Char­lie Sheen isn’t hand­ing over the money because his hot new sugar baby-turned-fiancée, 24-year-old Brett Rossi, is telling him not to. “Brett has taken con­trol of Charlie’s finances and she thinks he wastes huge amounts of money,” revealed an insider, who claims that Sheen agrees with his sugar baby about hold­ing on to his child sup­port money, because in his opin­ion, his ex-wife doesn’t allow him to see their kids anyways.

Charlie’s not some­one to usu­ally be bossed around, but he’s so head over heels for Brett and respects her and knows that she just has his best inter­ests at heart,” added the insider. Sheen’s sugar baby is sup­pos­edly keep­ing a close eye on every dol­lar that’s com­ing in and out in an effort to curb any waste­ful spending—leaving more money for her­self, perhaps?

It’s good that someone—albeit a young, for­mer porn star—has been able to tame Char­lie Sheen’s friv­o­lous money habits, but if he really is with­hold­ing his child sup­port pay­ments, aren’t the kids the ones who will suffer?

What do you think: Is Char­lie Sheen’s sugar baby turn­ing him into a dead­beat dad, or should he be enti­tled to cut back on his child sup­port payments?

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