Why You Need to Be Careful with Rich Older Men Who Go to Strip Clubs

It was my best friend’s birth­day and I told her I would be bring­ing a date with me to the party she was hav­ing at her home. My new older man, John, and I were an odd match and when I intro­duced him to my best friend, she was not impressed. She instantly had a bad feel­ing about him.

When we showed up to the party, the first thing she whis­pered to me was, “Where did you find him?” She had been my friend for many years and had seen all the char­ac­ters I dated, so she was very weary of any­one she didn’t think had my best inter­ests at heart, and she wasn’t shy about voic­ing her con­cerns about John and I.

We stayed at the house for a while and then decided to go to this members-only strip club uptown that a friend of ours owned. We liked it, not to watch the girls danc­ing, but for the music. We invited every­one who was at the party to come along if they wanted. In the midst of all of that, John left and said he had to go deal with some­thing, but he would meet us there.

We got to the club and he arrived half an hour later. Less than five min­utes after he got there, he was flirt­ing and chat­ting up a girl that prob­a­bly looked more his type. I had no clue—my friend saw him and she was livid. He came over and apol­o­gized, lying and say­ing that he knew her. I decided to just for­get it and enjoy the night. And then we left.

When I met up with my friend the next day to go shop­ping she said, “Isabella, you know when I love a per­son I don’t feel bad about get­ting involved in their per­sonal lives, and you and I have been friends for too long for me to ignore this.” I knew what was com­ing, but I let her con­tinue. “I just don’t see this guy as your type and I know it’s hard and you’re lonely, but just give your­self time and the right per­son will come along.”

For­get the money,” she said, before I even had a just to inter­ject. “He’s not even worth it, because he just met me and right in front of us he’s into some other girl.” Need­less to say, I ignored her warning.

He apol­o­gized when I saw him again and I moved on from that night. After he and I started see­ing more of each other, I think his feel­ings for me began to grow, some­what. He wanted to see more of me, but he was act­ing so weird. He would want me at his apart­ment and when I showed up, he would com­plain about my pres­ence and about my overnight bag being too big. It seemed to me like he had issues with any­one com­ing too close.

His mar­riage was by no means healthy, and I would often hear him call­ing his wife and telling her off. Appar­ently, his wife was tired of wait­ing around for him and had moved on. She was liv­ing over­seas with their daugh­ter and was sup­posed to be look­ing after his paper­work so that he could rejoin them there. But after not being around each other for so long, she had fallen in love and moved on with some­one else.

The sit­u­a­tion with his wife should have been my sec­ond warn­ing, but still, I ignored it and con­tin­ued see­ing John.