Why You Should Think Twice About Asking Your Rich Older Man If He Ever Plans to Marry You: Part 2

I checked the time and knew Marco should have been mid-flight by now, so his work phone would, of course, be turned off. I called his per­sonal phone, just in case. It started ring­ing from his night­stand beside the bed I was still lying in.

“Oh, well that makes sense,” I said to myself. As I picked up his phone, I noticed sev­eral unopened text mes­sages. I knew I hadn’t texted him, but did I want to cross that line of open­ing his unread mes­sages? I was very curi­ous, but there’s a line of pri­vacy to respect and I wasn’t sure what would hap­pen if I crossed it. Was some­one in his fam­ily ill and try­ing to reach him? Were there impor­tant details he needed sent to him from his per­sonal phone? Or even worse, what if he was see­ing some­one else and hid­ing it from me? Would these unread mes­sages reveal a ter­ri­fy­ing thought of betrayal or someone’s death? It was as easy as the click of a but­ton, and yet I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I sat there on the edge of our bed, hold­ing his phone in one hand and my phone in the other. I couldn’t stop think­ing about those unread mes­sages, about our empty con­ver­sa­tion from the night before—he made me feel like I was just there for his con­ve­nience. I won­dered if this lit­tle device held all the answers. I had always trusted Marco. I never doubted him for a sec­ond before that moment, which made this an extremely hard deci­sion for me to make. I was dying to know, but I was sure that if I crossed that line and read his pri­vate mes­sages, it would do irrepara­ble dam­age, or at least dam­age that I would have to work very hard to get back in his good graces from.

So, I hopped out of bed, brushed my teeth, and headed down­stairs to make myself a cup of cof­fee. I kept both phones side-by-side while wait­ing for the cof­fee to brew. I just stared at them. A part of me was hop­ing he would call me or some­thing. I couldn’t stop think­ing, “Do I, or don’t I?”