Why You Sometimes Have to Lie to Your Older Man to Get What You Want: Part 2

As soon as I told Mr. Brown that my cell phone was bro­ken, he picked up his office phone and called Ron­nie, our HR man who han­dled com­pany equip­ment and phones. He yelled at Ron­nie to get me a cell phone on his pol­icy so that he was able to reach me at any­time. He slammed the phone down and walked towards me. He had calmed down a lit­tle, but I could still see a twinge of anger in his eyes. He told me that he had taken care of my cell phone issue, and that in the future, there should be no rea­son why I couldn’t answer his call at anytime.

I was taken aback a lit­tle by his upfront atti­tude about the phone—he had never been so abrupt with me before. But as he con­tin­ued talk­ing, I real­ized that he was just afraid. He told me that he didn’t want to fight, but that he was scared that I didn’t want to see him any­more. I calmly explained to him that he was my boss, so I would see him all the time regard­less, and that I just got a lit­tle busy. His eyes went from a look of anger to pas­sion. He told me that he didn’t want to lose me as he walked up behind me. He put his hand on my hip and pulled me back towards to him. My heart was beat­ing incred­i­bly fast because I knew where this was headed—I could feel him get­ting turned on. I couldn’t help but worry about some­one com­ing in, but that only added to the excite­ment of what was about to hap­pen. That was part of the fun of hav­ing an office romance.

He asked me to go over and lock the door, and he watched me from behind as I walked away. Deep down I knew hav­ing sex in his office was prob­a­bly not a good idea, but we couldn’t help it. I locked the door and things got really hot really fast. We made love right there on top of his desk. Thank­fully, his office had its own bath­room, so when we were done, I was able to freshen up with­out any­one see­ing me.

Before I left his office, he told me that he wanted to talk to me later about the Easter egg hunt, and about meet­ing my kids—not as a boyfriend yet, but just as my boss. The though of it made me ner­vous, but I told him we would talk later. I still hadn’t even been able to tell him about my lit­tle meet­ing with his wife.

I walked back to my desk with a big smile on my face, although I knew that there were still a lot of issues that needed to be han­dled before our rela­tion­ship could ever be where I wanted it to be.