Will Mick Jagger Finally Settle Down with His Much Younger Girlfriend?

Sugar Daddy Mick Jagger Settle Down with Younger GirlfriendRolling Stones front man Mick Jag­ger, 69, has been with his younger girl­friend, 46-year-old fash­ion designer L’Wren Scott, for about 12 years now, and rumor has it he may be pop­ping the ques­tion soon. Although Jag­ger has said in the past that he didn’t really feel like mar­riage was for him, the rock star is report­edly get­ting pres­sure from Scott to make their rela­tion­ship offi­cial so that she’ll be more accepted by his inside circle.

Scott is said to be drop­ping not-so-subtle hints, and has been on his case “non-stop” about the prospect of mar­riage, accord­ing to an inside source close to the band. Although her inde­pen­dent nature is what first drew Jag­ger in—he report­edly liked that she didn’t try to “tie him down”—insiders feel like he’ll agree to tie the knot because, as the source told The Sun, “He likes hav­ing some­one around he can trust.”

If the mar­riage rumors are true, this will be the third time Jag­ger walks down the aisle. His first mar­riage ended in 1977 after he was caught cheat­ing with model Jerry Hall. He then mar­ried Hall, but it turned out that their vows were never legit­i­mate; the celebrity cou­ple parted ways in 1999.

What do you think: Should Mick Jag­ger and L’Wren Scott make it offi­cial, or will it just end in divorce like his other marriages?


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  • Nancy

    With his track record, he should stay sin­gle. Women prob­a­bly only want his money. Not good look­ing, but a great entertainer.

  • Manda Bazan

    I mean he has been with her for 12 years so i guess that’s a pos­i­tive sign lol