Would You Pay $8,000 to Sleep with “George Clooney”?

Sugar Daddy George Clooney Pay $8,000Not only does it pay to date a sugar daddy, it lit­er­ally pays to look like one, too. A man named Gary Tate has made a hefty sum imper­son­at­ing one of the most pop­u­lar celebrity sugar dad­dies, George Clooney, and he recently revealed that this part-time gig has brought him more than just TV appear­ances and night­club open­ings. Tate admit­ted that a busi­ness­man once offered him the equiv­a­lent of about US$8,055.00 to sleep with his wife, as a gift for her 40th birth­day. When Tate asked the man why he would want to do such a thing, he says the man told him: “We have an open rela­tion­ship. She’s mad about Clooney, and I can’t get him so I’m ask­ing you.”

Tate ini­tially turned down the offer, so the busi­ness­man offered an addi­tional $805.00 to the deal. Although Tate was tempted by the money and con­sid­ered play­ing the famous sugar daddy for the man’s wife, he even­tu­ally decided that it “just felt so wrong,” and declined.

Tate has been imper­son­at­ing Clooney since 1997 (when the actor first starred in the hit TV series ER) after win­ning a local newspaper’s celebrity look-alike com­pe­ti­tion, and, aside from hav­ing ladies swoon over him, he’s also enjoyed all-expense-paid trips and real celebrity treat­ment. “Since [1997], I’ve lost count of the red car­pets I’ve walked down, the limos I’ve rid­den in, and the many coun­tries around the world I’ve vis­ited,” said Tate—all because he looks like the celebrity sugar daddy.

What do you think: Would you have taken the businessman’s offer to sleep with his wife?


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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com