You Won’t Believe Which Older Man Taylor Swift is Rumored to Be Dating Now

Tay­lor Swift is no stranger to age-gap dat­ing, although she isn’t always the younger one in the May-December rela­tion­ship. At 23, Swift’s dat­ing his­tory is all over the map. She’s been with younger guys, like 19–year-old One Direc­tion singer Harry Styles and 19-year-old Kennedy heir, Conor Kennedy. But Swift has also been roman­ti­cally linked to sev­eral older men, includ­ing 32-year-old Jake Gyl­len­haal and 36-year-old singer John Mayer.

Swift is now rumored to be dat­ing a new older man—37-year-old Alexan­der Skars­gård, best known for play­ing a vam­pire on the HBO series True Blood. Swift and Skars­gård are cur­rently film­ing their upcom­ing sci-fi movie, The Giver, but accord­ing to sources, things are heat­ing up off-set between them. The rumored celebrity cou­ple was report­edly spot­ted enjoy­ing sev­eral roman­tic din­ners together before head­ing to Cape Town to start shoot­ing the movie.

Although this is just a dat­ing rumor, and there’s a good chance there’s no truth to it, it might not be such a bad thing if Swift and Skars­gård really were dat­ing. She’s had a hard time find­ing the right per­son to set­tle down with, and Skars­gård just seems like the kind of guy who can maybe fill that void for her.

Plus, we know that age-gap dat­ing isn’t a prob­lem for Swift—she’s more con­cerned with how well she can con­nect with him. At least that’s what she learned when she asked her friend, Ed Sheeran, for dat­ing advice. “He says there are dif­fer­ent kinds of love: There’s phys­i­cal attrac­tion, men­tal attrac­tion, and emo­tional attrac­tion; there’s also com­fort and obses­sion,” said Swift. “You need to have all of those things in one per­son. You have to men­tally respect them, be phys­i­cally attracted, and have a com­fort level.”

What do you think: Would Tay­lor Swift and Alexan­der Skars­gård make a good celebrity couple?


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Photo Credit: land­mark­me­dia / (Tay­lor Swift)