You’ll Never Believe Who Simon Cowell Invited to His Young Girlfriend’s Baby Shower

Simon Cowell and Sugar Baby Lauren Silverman Pregnancy PartySimon Cow­ell, 53, just helped throw his young preg­nant girl­friend, 36-year-old Lau­ren Sil­ver­man, an upscale baby shower—they’re expect­ing their first child in Feb­ru­ary. The party, which was sup­posed to have an inti­mate Eng­lish tea party theme, was held at Cowell’s Bev­erly Hills man­sion. But that’s not the sur­pris­ing part. What’s really inter­est­ing about the party is who made the guest list.

Cow­ell has been known to keep his ex-girlfriends close well after their rela­tion­ships end. And Sil­ver­man doesn’t seem to mind because two of his recent exes, Mezh­gan Hus­sainy and Terri Sey­mour, turned up at her baby shower. Cow­ell has had plenty of past rela­tion­ships, but these two women were more than just hookups or flings—Cowell and Sey­mour were dat­ing for six years before they split, and Cow­ell was actu­ally engaged to Hus­sainy once upon a time.

Every­body has past rela­tion­ships, and it’s nice to be able to main­tain a friend­ship with an ex, but we can’t help but won­der if Sil­ver­man is at all con­cerned about Cowell’s wan­der­ing eye, con­sid­er­ing the way their rela­tion­ship started—the celebrity couple’s illicit affair was thrust into the spot­light after Sil­ver­man revealed she was preg­nant with Cowell’s baby while still mar­ried to one of his best friends. Her hus­band filed for divorce as soon as the news of their affair went public.

Nonethe­less, Cow­ell seems to be over the moon with his new rela­tion­ship and impend­ing father­hood. He wasn’t invited to the all-girls baby shower, but he turned up near the end to say hello. “They seem to be really in love,” an insider told Us Weekly. “I’ve never seen him like that before.”

What do you think: Would you be OK with your part­ner main­tain­ing a close friend­ship with their ex?


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